For 10+ years Vincotech offers MiniSKiiP® modules with solderless spring contact mounting technology and pre-applied thermal paste. These second-source modules are affixed with SPRiNG contacts and just a single screw to create electrical and thermal connections and make assembly an exercise in convenience. There is no need for time-consuming, costly mounting procedures, and even entire modules are easy to replace with SPRiNG contacts should the need arise.

3D Preview

Housing dimensions 

  • Height: 16 mm
  • Length: 59 mm
  • Width: 52 mm

Thermal interface material options

  • Silicone-based standard grease Wacker P12
  • Silicone-free standard grease Thermigrease® TG20032


Two lids are available for all MiniSKiiP® modules:

  • The standard black 6.5 mm version accommodates SMD parts to be mounted below the lid
  • The thin, white 2.8 mm version is sized for highly compact mechanical designs

Thermal grease options Lid Order code
Without thermal grease Standard (6.5 mm) - /0A/
Without thermal grease Thin (2.8 mm) - /0B/
Wacker® Paste P12 / silicone-based Standard (6.5 mm) - /1A/
Wacker® Paste P12 / silicone-based Thin (2.8 mm) - /1B/
Müller Ahlhorn Thermigrease® TG 20032 / silicone-free Standard (6.5 mm) - /4A/
Müller Ahlhorn Thermigrease® TG 20032 / silicone-free Thin (2.8 mm) - /4B/

Order codes

Example order code for different lids and applied grease:

  • Version 1: V23990-K220-A40-/1A/-PM
  • Version 2: 80-M206BIA045fH-K999E10-/1A/

Outline drawing 

Housing dimension MiniSKiiP 2
MiniSkiiP 2