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Soak up the sun

Pump up the power of your 1500 V PV inverters with flowANPC S3 split.

Looking to maximize your multi-string inverters’ power density and performance? Then your search ends with our 300+ kVA flowANPC S3. Combining 950 V fast Si IGBTs with 1200 V SiC diodes, these hybrid modules are engineered to cut per kW costs and boost your customers’ ROI.

The chipset is optimized for a maximum efficiency at high power factors, enhancing the performance in inverter operation. The LQ79/89 enables smaller and therefore lighter passive components, and combined with the advanced die attach technology, longer lifetime is now possible.

Samples of the flowANPC S3 Split modules are available through our usual channels.





Main benefits

  • 300+ kVA for higher power density, lower cost
  • Advanced die-attach technology for longer lifetime or higher power from the same footprint
  • Optimized chipset for greater efficiency, better ROI
  • flow S3 mid-power package for smaller, lighter passive components