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flow3xMNPC 1 - excellent performance for 1200 V applications

flow3xMNPC 1
flow3xMNPC 1
Catering to the great demand for solar and UPS inverters for three-phase applications with lower power requirements, Vincotech now offers  flow3xMNPC 1 modules featuring three MNPCs in one flow 1 housing. These modules enable engineers to design remarkably compact, space-saving inverters with excellent efficiency ratings. To this end, the half-bridge is equipped with high-speed IGBT4 HS3 components, while IGBT3 chips with low saturation voltage and ultra-fast Stealth™ diodes are used in the neutral path.

General Features:

  • Three-phase, mixed voltage NPC topology
  • Three-phase application in a single housing
  • Designed specifically for solar and UPS applications
  • Very high efficient  
  • Low inductive, 12 or 17 mm flow 1 housing

flow3xMNPC 1 details:

Part.-No. Voltage in V Current in A Comments
10-F112M3A040SH-M749F09 1200 3x 40 18 kW / 17 mm housing
10-FY12M3A025SH-M746F08 1200 3x 25 12 kW / 12 mm housing
10-F112M3A025SH-M746F09 1200  3x 25 12 kW / 17 mm housing
10-FY12M3A040SH-M749F08 1200 3x 40  18 kW / 12 mm housing

The IGBTs in all modules feature Kelvin Emitters to boost switching performance and an NTC for measuring temperature.
Simulation models of the flow3xMNPC 1 are integrated in our simulation tool VincotechISE.

All flow3xMNPC 1 modules come in flow 1 housing with an 82 mm x 38 mm form factor. Press-fit versions are also available on request. 

They are in serial production and samples are available via the standard sales channels.