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Save up to 15 % on system costs with the NEW MiniSKiiP®DUAL product line,



With the addition of the new MiniSKiiP®DUAL to our line of standard MiniSKiiP® power modules, a single platform now covers a very wide power range extending all the way up to 90 kW for 650 V and 1200 V applications.

These MiniSKiiP® half-bridge modules equipped with solder-free spring-contacts can now replace baseplate modules with screwed bus bar connections to drive down inverter package and manufacturing costs by as much as 15 %.

MiniSKiiP®DUAL's baseplate-less design uses Al2O3 DCB ceramic, a material with proven merits, to achieve superior thermal conductivity to the heat sink.

Main benefits

  • Up to 15 % savings on system costs
  • Scalable inverter design: 40 to 90 kW
  • Reliable spring contact technology
  • Integrated NTC temperature sensor
  • Various types of pre-applied TIM available (silicone-free and silicone-based)


  • Nominal chip current from 100 A to 400 A for scalable designs in the 40-to-90 kW range
  • Full isolation and low thermal resistance with baseplate-less 0.38 mm Al2O3 DCB ceramic
  • Latest chip technologies with anti-parallel CAL diodes:
    • 1200 V Trench IGBT4
    • 650 V Trench IGBT3

Target applications:

  • Standard industrial drives
  • Solar inverters
  • UPS
  • Power supply


Part-No. Voltage in V Current in A Technology Housing size
80-M2072PA150SC-K704F40 650 150 Trench IGBT MiniSKiiP 2
80-M2072PA200SC-K705F40 650 200 Trench IGBT MiniSKiiP 2
80-M3072PA300SC-K836F30 650 300 Trench IGBT MiniSKiiP 3
80-M2122PA150SC-K708F40 1200 150 Trench IGBT4 MiniSKiiP 2
80-M2122PA200SC-K709F40 1200 200 Trench IGBT4 MiniSKiiP 2
80-M3122PA300SC-K839F42 1200 300 Trench IGBT4 MiniSKiiP 3
80-M3122PA400SC-K830F40 1200 400 Trench IGBT4 MiniSKiiP 3
Samples of the MiniSKiiP®DUAL modules are available on special request.