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Solar energy converters accounting for nearly 25% of global GW output were powered by Vincotech modules

Vincotech helped generate 13 gigawatts (GW) of solar energy in 2015 with power modules installed in solar inverters that account for around 25 % of that year's global yield. Vincotech’s persistent innovation and quality service have produced components that are saving more than 17 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (MMTCDE) every year, which is tantamount to planting some 440 million trees. These eco-friendly efforts contribute to the ‘Mitsubishi Electric Eco Changes: for a greener tomorrow’ initiative,' and to the parent company's greater environmental vision for 2021.
Vincotech's success in this booming market certainly looks to be sustainable. With a total of around 49 GW of installed power in 2015, the solar industry has had a stellar run and is showing no signs of letting up. “Vincotech aims to support customers in this transition towards a greener sustainable future with its range of innovative standard and customized power modules,” says the company's Strategic Business Development Manager Mr. Ahuja. At Vincotech, the future is just around the corner: State-of-the-art silicon carbide technology is sure to revolutionize the industry, so the company recently added to its portfolio several high-performance SiC-based modules such as the flow3xPHASE 0 SiC, flow3xBOOST 0 SiC and flowMNPC 0 SiC.