Vincotech flow90 power modules are the perfect match for book-sized inverters and 19-inch rack-mounted power supplies with a 90-degree angle between the heat sink and PCB.


Featuring pins arrayed at a 90-degree angle, flow90 1 modules are available as standard products with CON, PIM, and PACK configurations. This package is also a good choice for custom topologies for switched-mode power supplies, battery chargers and the like. There is no need for a flexible PCB, and flow90 modules make the most of the PCB to minimize the application footprint. Modules with pre-applied phase-change material are available on demand.
3D Preview


  • 高: 35 mm
  • 长: 84 mm
  • 宽: 21 mm 


  • 符合DIN和IEC标准
  • 拓扑结构易于定制
  • 根据需要可提供预涂相变材料 


  • 节省空间的封装,使散热器和PCB之间形成90度角
  • 可适用标准散热器,因此不需要昂贵的L形版散热器
  • 可便捷地clip-in组装在PCB上
  • 允许安装在PCB与其他通孔元件相同的一侧
  • 可在一次通过中与其他元件一起波焊
  • 完美匹配书本大小的变频器和19英寸机架式电源
3D Preview

Outline drawing

flow90 1