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Vincotech – First in SiC-based Power Modules

Vincotech is the go-to source for SiC-based power modules that boost efficiency and enable more compact designs. No one has shipped more SiC-driven power modules than Vincotech, so the company knows when SiC components are best for the customer's application and when another option is the wiser choice. The company today released a brief summary of the benefits of these power modules.

Engineers tasked to build better devices and applications want power modules that boost efficiency and performance. Yet they also need compact solutions that shrink the component footprint. Vincotech's SiC-based power modules for charging stations, solar inverters and other applications square that circle. These modules not only deliver better switching performance; they also enable customers to design smaller, lighter systems. Vincotech, the expert in smart, selective use of SiC-driven power modules, has been empowering customers' ideas for 20+ years now. The company draws on multiple qualified suppliers for its SiC MOSFETs and SiC diodes.  Main benefits
  • Greater efficiency
  • Higher switching frequency
  • Excellent power density
  • Smaller, lighter inductors
  • More compact design
A quick run-down of the latest innovations featuring various SiC components follows:


Product line Part number Voltage Current Features

EV Charger

fastPACK 0 SiC 10-PC094PB017ME02-L620F36Y 900 V 140 A High efficiency, high switching frequency


flowANPC 1 split 10-PG12NAB008MR02-LC59F36T + 10-PG12NAC008MR02-LC69F36T 2400 V 150 A Solar three-level string inverter, extremely compact, highly efficient

Solar and UPS

flowBOOST 1 dual SiC 10-FY12B2A040MR02-L387L63 1200 V 30 A High frequency, high efficiency (Dual Boost with SiC MOSFET)

Solar and UPS

flow3xBOOST 0 SiC 10-PZ123BA040MR01-M909L68Y 1200 V 20 A High frequency, high efficiency, compact (Triple Boost with full SiC)