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1200 V MiniSkiiP® PIM 2 and MiniSkiiP® PIM 3 up to 50 A @ 25°C

The asymmetric bridge conversion represents the best approach to powering low-cost, efficient and robust switched reluctance motors (SRM).
Vincotech’s new 1200 V PIM family based on asymmetric bridge topology supports your design with a flexible and cost-effective solution.

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MiniSKiiP® PIM 3 (35 A)
MiniSKiiP® PIM 3 (50 A)
MiniSKiiP® PIM 2

Samples of the 1200 V MiniSkiiP® PIM family are available through our usual channels.

Main benefits

  • Highly efficient asymmetric bridge topology suitable for SRM
  • Latest generation chipsets with 15 A, 35 A and 50 A nominal current for wide power range offer
  • Integrated thermal sensor simplifies temperature measurement


  • Industrial Drives