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New MiniSKiiP®PIM and MiniSKiiP®PACK with IGBT M7 - for real chip-level multi sourcing

Vincotech is more than 10 years reliable partner for MiniSKiiP® modules. To rule out any and all supply chain issues, Vincotech now owns the tools needed to prep housings and new machines for MiniSkiiP products. Count on us to fulfill our delivery promise with these added assets. Additionally, Vincotech has extended its range of MiniSKiiP® products with the new IGBT M7 chip. This new IGBT M7 chip delivers the dual benefits of  superior performance and multiple sourcing to minimize customers‘  supply chain risks. Discover the new MiniSKiiP® PIM (CIB) and MiniSKiiP® sixpack configurations with power ranges  extending up to 200 A.

Main benefits

  • Multiple sourcing for enhanced supply chain security
  • Lower power losses and improved efficiency
  • Extended power range for easily scalable inverter designs
  • Pre-applied, high performance thermal paste (HPTP) for superior thermal performance

General MiniSKiiP® Features

  • Solder-free SPRiNG Technology for shortest assembly time
  • Without copper baseplate for cost efficiency
  • Easy and flexible PCB routing without pin holes
  • Real chip-level multiple sourcing: TRENCHSTOPTM IGBT3/IGBT4 and new IGBT M7 with low VCEsat
  • Open emitter configuration
  • Kelvin emitter for improved switching performance
  • 5.5kV DC test isolation voltage (t = 2sec)
  • Compatible pin out for IGBT4 and IGBT M7
  • Built in NTC

MiniSKiiP® PIM features:

PIM schematic example
  • Single- and three-phase rectifier (standard/enhanced)
  • 600 V and 1200 V components
  • Available from 5 A up to 100 A
  • For inverter designs up to 45 kW

MiniSKiiP® Sixpack features:

Sixpack schematic example
  • Sixpack or twin sixpack configuration
  • 600 V and 1200 V components
  • Available from 10 A up to 200 A (with IGBT M7)

Samples of the MiniSKiiP®PIM and PACK are available through our usual channels.