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MORE CHOICE - GREATER SECURITY - New modules featuring IGBT M7

Real chip-level multi sourcing - new sixpack and PIM modules for motion control applications

IGBT M7 - sixpack and PIM modules
IGBT M7 - sixpack and PIM modules
Vincotech‘s range of multi-sourced power modules for motion control applications just got bigger with a set of new products featuring IGBT M7 chips. Featuring sixpack and PIM topologies these new product families not only offer superior performance but also multiple sourcing for the highest supply chain safety for the customers. With a new ultra-thin wafer processing technology and optimized cell design the IGBT M7 technology achieves a superior low VCEsat, reducing the static losses by 20 %. In combination with the new RFC (Relaxed Field of Cathode) diodes and the suppress snap-off recovery it is far more easy for engineers to optimize the EMC behavior of the inverter and cut overall system costs. The IGBT M7 chips are housed in the industry standard packages flow and MiniSKiiP®. These modules are designed in a first step for 1200 V with a power range that covers 5 A – 200 A for flexible, scalable inverter designs for the motion control market.

Main Benefits

  • Multiple sourcing for enhanced supply chain security
  • Improved efficiency with 20% lower Vcesat than the competition
  • Superior EMC to help drive down system costs
  • Extended power range for easily scalable inverter designs

Sample modules may be sourced on demand from our usual channels.