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flowPFC 0 CD - 650 V / 1 - 6 kW - A power factor correction module built to pump up your application's power

flowPFC 0 CD
flowPFC 0 CD
Featuring highly efficient rectifiers with shunt resistor current sensors, Vincotech's new flowPFC 0 CD modules have been engineered specifically to draw maximum power from the grid. This line of modules comes with highly efficient, ultrafast, two-legged PFCs with diodes to rule out power loss sensing via the external current transformer. What's more, flowPFC 0 CD modules' have also been optimized for enhanced energy quality, lower consumption, and to boost your SMPS's efficiency. IGBT H5 technology is on board to enable fast switching up to 75 kHz.

Main benefits

  • Draws max power from the grid
  • Optimizes energy quality and consumption
  • Increases your SMPS‘ efficiency
  • Enables fast switching up to 75 kHz
  • Comes in compact, low inductive 12 or 17 mm flow 0 housings
  • Designed for welding, SMPS and embedded drive applications


  • Highly efficient rectifier with a shunt resistor current sensor
  • Highly efficient, ultra-fast two-legs PFC with diodes rule out power loss sensing via the external current transformer
  • Integrated snubbing capacitors
  • Thermistor

flowPFC 0 CD - overview:

Part-No. Voltage in V Current in A Technology Output power
10-FZ062TA015SM-P985D13 650 15 IGBT H5 1 - 2 kW
10-FZ062TA030SM-P986D13 650 30 IGBT H5 2 - 4 kW
10-FZ062TA050SM-P987D13 650 50 IGBT H5 4 - 6 kW

Samples of the flowPFC 0 CD are available on special request.