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Vincotech closes out fiscal 2016 with €139 million in sales

Vincotech put in a remarkably successful performance in 2016/17. Total revenue was up by a phenomenal 43 % from the previous year with Vincotech strengthening its position worldwide in all core areas. Focusing on its core motion control, renewable energies and power supply markets, Vincotech posted €138.9 million in sales as at the end of March 2017. Record sales in the fast-growing, extremely dynamic Asian market accounted for a fair share of this revenue.
Sales of power semiconductor modules were up 42 % in 2016, significantly outperforming the global market growth rate of 3.5 %. According to an IHS study*, this performance in 2016 took Vincotech up to sixth place among this segment's leading manufacturers.
"I am proud that our company has been growing faster than the market for seven years now, and that we are making a valuable contribution to global energy savings with our technology. This is down to our persistent customer focus. 'EMPOWERING YOUR IDEAS' is not just a corporate claim; it is the credo of each individual employee," says Vincotech GmbH CEO Joachim Fietz. Vincotech develops and manufactures power semiconductor modules in the 0.3 kW to 1 MW power range. A reliable partner, the company offers standard modules and application-specific solutions that serve to meet customers' needs in cost-effective and efficient ways. Vincotech sources semiconductors from eleven different manufacturers. This gives the company the strategic advantage of a chip-independent supplier.
Vincotech has offered a wide range of motion control products for more than 20 years now. The power semiconductors manufacturer expanded its offering in recent years, adding highly integrated flowIPM modules for lower-power applications and the new family of VINco E3 products for higher- power applications to its portfolio. Vincotech currently holds a 27 % share of the overall PV solar market. As the incumbent market leader in string inverters, it has again extended its lead in this sector. Vincotech also stepped up to meet the new requirements for applications up to 1500 V, successfully rolling out module-based solutions for everything from small string inverters up to central inverters operating in the mega-watt range. New photovoltaic systems with around 78 gigawatts capacity were installed worldwide in 2016. In the same year, Vincotech delivered power modules for solar inverters with a nominal output of 21 gigawatts. This is equivalent to saving 27 million metric tons of CO2 from being emitted or planting 714 million trees. The challenges in the field of power electronics will continue to grow in the years ahead. And Vincotech will continue to rise to meet future demands with innovative, flexible and application- specific solutions.

Vincotech is a registered trademark of Vincotech Holdings S.à.r.l.