Simulation Software for Power Modules

Vincotech ISE (V1.21) - The Integrated Simulation Environment

The Vincotech ISE is an integrated simulation and selection environment for power and solar modules. The program contains updated versions of the previously introduced applications flowSIM and flowSEL and new applications such as flowSOL and flowMIS.

  • flowSIM (V4.12) is a software for interactive calculation of power dissipations and temperatures using Vincotech power modules.
    It helps you to select the right devices for your application. Its power loss and device temperature calculations are based on fully measured parameters.
  • flowSEL (V1.41) is a tool that helps you choose the right driver stage for your application. Using the generated curves as sources, you can obtain information about current, power and temperature conditions for your application.
  • flowSOL (V3.22) is a simulation tool of the solar inverter and UPS modules. The program is based on the flowSIM therefore its behavior is very similar to flowSIM. It includes single- and 3-phase transformer-less and transformer-based versions as well as reactive power capability.
  • flowMIS (V1.21) is a tool that simulates the power and temperature characteristics of power modules excited with a given mission profile.

Software download:
Step 01:
Download and install LabVIEW Runtime Engine 2012 (32bit) once
(please refer to for Windows version, search for other versions).

Step 02: Download Vincotech ISE.exe (9.3 MB) (last update: May 09, 2013)
into your simulation directory.
Alternatively, download our offline version the flowISE ZIP folder including all
data files.

Step 03: Start Vincotech ISE.exe.

Vincotech ISE User Guide

Older Revision (V1.10):
Step 01: Download and install LabVIEW Runtime Engine 8.2 (32MB) once
(if not already installed).
Step 02: Download Vincotech ISE.exe (8.77 MB) (last update: September 14, 2012) into your simulation directory.
Step 03: Start Vincotech ISE.exe.


For technical questions about our Vincotech simulation tools, please contact