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Simulation Software for Power Modules

Vincotech ISE2 - The Integrated Simulation Environment

VincotechISE 2 - home screen

The Vincotech ISE2 is an integrated simulation and selection environment 
for power and solar modules. The program contains updated versions of the 
previously introduced applications flowSIM and flowSEL and new applications
such as flowSOL and flowMIS.

  • flowSOL is a simulation tool of the solar inverter and UPS modules. The
    program is based on the flowSIM therefore its behavior is very similar to 
    flowSIM. It includes single- and 3-phase transformer-less and
    transformer-based versions as well as reactive power capability.

  • flowSIM is a software for interactive calculation of power dissipations and temperatures using Vincotech power modules.
    It helps you to select the right devices for your application. Its power loss
    and device temperature calculations are based on fully measured

  • flowSEL is a tool that helps you choose the right driver stage for your
    application. Using the generated curves as sources, you can obtain
    information about current, power and temperature conditions for your

  • flowMIS is a tool that simulates the power and temperature characteristics
    of power modules excited with a given mission profile.

  • flowTHERM is a tool that simulates the power and temperature
    characteristics of power modules and shows the coupled thermal
    distribution of the main components inside the module in a thermographic
    image and comparative charts.


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Vincotech ISE2 User Manual




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