The Vincotech Vision

Being Supplier of Choice

Vincotech will be recognized as supplier of choice for for low- and medium-power applications in the motion control, solar inverter, and UPS field. Vincotech will deliver the highest product reliability, excellent customer service, and flexible and competitive solutions. This will result in outstanding customer and employee satisfaction.


Focus on Reliability:

Vincotech's policy is to deliver highest product reliability with error-free products and services on time. All products and services meet customer requirements. Quality, continual improvement and customer satisfaction are the personal responsibility of each employee.


Focus on Service Mentality:

Vincotech provides excellent customer service. The teams of global Sales and Field Application Service, Marketing, Logistics, Customer Service, and last but not least Research & Development work hand in hand to create value for the customers.

Focus on Flexibility and Competitiveness:

Vincotech is a flat networked organization in which speed and flexibility in decision-making and RFQ responsiveness characterize the way of working. Competitive total cost solutions made Vincotech to a marked leader in Power Modules.