Applications overview

Vincotech offers more than 40 standard families of power modules for a wide and diverse range of applications listed below:

Solar Inverter

Transformerless and transformer-based inverters with 1- and 3-phase outputs. Special topologies such as an asymmetric H-bridge, neutral point clamped (NPC) inverters, and parallel and symmetric boosts for high efficiency. For systems with overall power up to 200kW

Industrial Drives

Standard drive applications for industrial use with power ranges from 1 to 60kW. Topologies are power integrated modules (PIM, rectifier, inverter, and brake), sixpacks (3-phase inverters), half-bridge and rectifier modules

Embedded Drives

Integrated drive applications for industrial and home appliances. Typically used in fans, air conditioning, pumps, power tools, washing machines, and refrigerators. Solutions are intelligent power modules (IPM), PIMs with embedded PFC circuit, and rectifier modules with PFC


Power components for UPS applications. Modules for AC/DC and DC/AC power conversion. Topologies such as 1- and 3-phase rectifiers, half-bridges, H-bridges, boosters, and NPCs. Power ranges up to 200kW


Solutions for industrial welding applications, fast-switching half- and H-bridges, PFC and rectifier topologies. Special modules for zero switching applications, with improved thermal resistance (Rth), or internal DC link capacitors for lower turn-off losses

Power Supplies

Power components typically used in power supply applications. Modules with topologies such as rectifiers, PFC switches (single, dual, and interleaved), boost circuits (step-up and step-down), half-bridges, and H-bridges